Why I’m okay with X-Men, Spider Man, and Fanstic Four not being owned by Marvel

Your first thought might be, what the heck is wrong with this kid?! X-Men is a Marvel comic book property! What an Idiot! And I have to agree with you. Yes I am an idiot and yes X-Men is a Marvel property, but Marvel does not own the live action movie rights to X-Men ( however Marvel and Fox do share rights with certain characters such Quicksilver and his sister Scarlet Witch who both will appear in DOFP and Avengers 2). If you don’t believe me, that’s cool look up which company that puts out X-Men(Fox) then look up which company puts out the Avengers and those movies that go along with it ( Mickey Mouse). Just as side note, Spider Man belongs to Sony and Fantastic Four belongs to Fox.

With that bit of background information out of the way, lets get to why everybody should be thankful that Marvel does not have these live action movies rights. The short answer, WE WIN! Yes us as movie and comic book fans win! With these properties being split up we simply get more movies. Marvel can only produce so many movies a year and we would not get all of the movies that we get a year now. For example in 2014 we are getting Captain America, DOFP, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Amazing Spider Man 2! Now this may not seem like a lot of comic book movies but lets think about this, Disney is more than comic book movies. Disney puts out a massive amount of movies and TV programing a year and they do good on delivering the 2-3 we get a year. But that’s all we get from them 2-3 a year! With other studios owning these rights we are able to see 4-6 a year! Not only do we get more movies, but we get more characters such as the Guardians of the Galaxy! So after the initial shock of realizing that we won’t see Spider Man swinging in with the Avengers or Wolverine bulldozing bad guys along side Captain America, be thankful that we get the wide variety of comic book movies that we get today!

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