50 Shades of PG-13

This is pure speculation on my part, but 50 Shades of Grey will get a PG-13 rating. This might be a stretch for people to believe, especially for anybody who knows anything about this series. While most fans of the series want a film that pushes a NC-17 rating, it simply won’t happen. The movie content will be considerably dulled down from what is in the books, since the books have a lot of sexual content. Why? because it is what’s best for  business. Universal Studios main goal in making a 50 Shades of Grey movie is to cash in on it’s popularity, and they won’t do very much cashing in with a NC-17 film.Sure the hardcore fans will see it (a very small portion of the movie going audience), but the casual fan will not go near it(a very larger portion of the movie going audience).  On top of that, people are more comfortable with reading about sex instead of watching it on the big screen, hence why we do not see a lot of sex in movies as it is. So with a NC-17 rating out of question, what about a R-rated film? Well it’s quite possible, but it most likely will be a PG-13 movie. Why? In Hollywood, the lower the rating = more followers and more box office success. Sure this will upset many of the die hard fans who love the series, but Universal Studios isn’t banking solely on the small percentage of the  books hardcore fans to show up.They will try and market it to a wider demographic that will include teens, maybe even try to trick some teenage boys into showing up, just like every other  successful book series that have been adopted to film has done. Is this the right move to make? Only time will tell.   What do you guys think the rating of Fifty Shades of Grey will end up being?

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