Weekend Box Office Round Up! The Best Man Holiday success and Thor 2 reigns #1 With A Bold Prediction

Since this is, more or less, a blog about entertainment and the business side of things I feel obligated to blog about the weekend box office report. This is going to be the Sunday evening post from here on out.

The weekend numbers are:

1. Thor: The Dark World – $38.5 million
2. The Best Man Holiday – $30.6 million
3. Last Vegas – $8.9 million
4. Free Birds – $8.3 million
5. Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa – $7.7 million

Nothing too shocking in these results, however The Best Man Holiday opened up strong. It was a low budget film with $17 million being spent on it, so I’m sure that Universal Studios is thrilled that it broke even and made back almost $14 million dollars. Even though Thor 2 has fallen 55% it was still strong. By the way falling by 55% from opening weekend isn’t that big of a fall considering a lot of the business is done during the opening weekend. Worldwide Thor 2 has made $479.8 million dollars and it’s budget was around $170 million, so you can see that Marvel continues to make Disney A LOT of money. The last thing that I would like to note is that Dallas Buyer’s Club, a movie with a lot of Oscar buzz, expanded from 35 to 184 theaters and it has made $3 million dollars so far with $1.8 million coming from this weekend!

There is your weekend box office round up!

BOLD PREDICTION: Hunger Games: Catching Fire will dominate the box office and Thor will come in second next weekend..

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