Universal Pictures sets record plus X-Men DOFP filming different scenes

Today Universal Pictures announced that they broke their box office record for North America, bringing in an astounding 1.352 BILLION DOLLARS and claiming 14.6% of the market share. Congrats to Universal on their success! Along with them breaking their domestic box office record today, Universal also surpassed their box office record globally with $3.49 billion! Here’s a break down on how the biggest Universal movies fared domestically (in millions):

  • Despicable Me 2  $365.9
  • Fast & Furious 6  $238.7
  •  Identity Thief        $134.5
  • Oblivion                $89.1
  • 2 Guns                 $75.6 
  • Mama                   $71.6
  • The Purge            $64.5
  • Riddick                 $42

Another interesting note that came up is that X-Men Days of Future Past (DOFP), perhaps Fox’s and comic book fans most anticipated blockbuster in 2014, is now filming additional scenes. These reports were confirmed when Daniel Cudmore, who plays Colossus tweeted out that he was back in Canada filming additional scenes. Normally when people hear about anything related to reshoots, the first thoughts that comes to mind  are not very positive regarding the state of the movie. However, there is nothing to fear. It’s just additional scenes being shot, not a whole chunk of the movie being gutted and reshot ( Even though it worked well for Wold War Z). So fear not, X-Men DOFP is in great shape. The studio, directors, producers, and everyone else involved with this project have taken their time and they all feel passionate about this particular movie, and the movie still has more than enough time until it comes out .If you don’t believe me, look at Thor 2. They shot additional scenes with Loki a mere 2 months before it released and it turned out pretty good! Also, we get more Colossus! You can’t go wrong with more Colossus!

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