Where are the female led superhero movies?

Lately, we as movie fans, have been getting the largest amount of superhero movies of all time. However, despite the larger number of superhero movies, during this wave of movies,  we still have yet to see any female leads. Sure, we have Black Widow in Avengers and Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises, but no Ms.Marvel or Wonder Woman stand alone films. The reason? Studios have already tried it, and the movies did not do that good. The Elektra movie (2005) only made 56 million and Catwoman(2004) made 82 million. Despite preforming poorly, Elektra did profit a little bit but had horrible reviews, and It isn’t likely a sequel would have done well at all. On the other hand, Catwoman costed about 100 million so it lost the studio around 18 million. So with the only two female led superheros movies completely bombing at the box office, you can’t blame Marvel or Warner Brothers for not wanting to roll the dice on these movies. So when Kevin Feige dances around the question of why there isn’t a female led superhero movie, well now you know.

Would these movies be profitable today? Well the true economist answer is “It depends.” What does it depend on? The male demographic. So whenever the average male movie goer can accept a female saving the world, then maybe the movie studios will roll the dice. If it would be profitable, then studios would have already been in production. However, as it stands, none are on the books for Marvel before 2017, and DC has been dancing around the female led superhero movie questions.  Personally, I would love to see a female led superhero movie such as Wonder Woman or Ms. Marvel, but in reality, it’ll be awhile before we will get there because they simply won’t or have been profitable.

2 thoughts on “Where are the female led superhero movies?

  1. I believe Wonder Woman is destined to be the first female superhero to have a successful solo outing. However, it’s going to take a great script, a strong cast and a studio that’s worth taking a risk in order to pull it off. If DC launches a successful Justice League movie, AND the character playing Wonder Woman receives good feedback, then it might just finally happen!

    1. I agree! I think Marvel is already happy with the success they’ve had with what they’ve been able to do, and I don’t think they want to roll the dice on a female superhero movie especially since they are taking a big risk with Guardians. Also I think the success of batman v superman will go a long way in deciding if they’ll do wonder woman

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