Superman legal issues?

Could Warner Brothers be getting sued over the rights to the Man of Steel himself? Turns out that Warner Brothers has actually been caught up in a 10 year lawsuit with family members of Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel, the guys who created Superman.  Mark Peary, Joe Shuster’s nephew, filed a copyright termination notice in 2003. Five years later, in 2008, the federal court ruled in favor of Mark Peary and told Warner Brothers that he would take control of all things Superman in 2013. Additionally, if WB didn’t put out a new movie by 2011, they would also be sued for lost revenue. Ouch! However, in 2012 this case turned around for WB. This story gets real crazy when it was reveled that there was an agreement by Shuster’s sister and DC that waived the right for and ” past, present, or future claims against DC” for a mere $25,000 a year and for DC to cover Joe Shuster’s debt. Also in the agreement, she claimed that Siegel had his 50% stake in the Man of Steel voided. What does this mean? That Mark Peary’s mom waived his family’s right to file any type of action against Warner Brothers… OUCH, but they still decided to file an appeal anyways. What was Mark Peary’s main motive? The main reason for Mr.Peary filing suit was that he wanted develop Superman movies under his attorney’s production company Pacific Pictures, which wasn’t disclosed in the original 2003 notice. It was all about the “green”. As you would expect, two of the judges, Judges Stephen Reinhardt and John Sedwick were not amused that Mark Peary and his attorneys concealed this information, and they ended up siding with Warner Brothers.

Thursday the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal made its ruling: 2-1 in favor of WB. WB should be able to put this behind them, but I am sure that the families of  Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel will try to appeal, but eventually they’ll go away and Warner Brothers will not have to worry about this anymore.

Also on a side note, I will be posting another video today on youtube. The video will be discussing an earlier blog, the one about the Marvel properties being split up with other studios, and the lack of economic benefit Marvel and Disney will receive for having a Wolverine or a Spiderman. So be sure to be looking for the link that I will put on here and various social media outlets. Thank you all for your support!

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