Magneto assassinated JFK? Plus Wolf of Wall Street note

In Fox’s latest marketing effort, the studio has launched a website called for their up and coming movie X-Men Days of Future Past. On the website there is both a movie and an article that link the assassination of JFK to Magneto and Lee Harvey Oswald.  For those of you that don’t know, as a side note, the assassination of JFK was 50 years ago last Friday ( November 23). It will be interesting to see if the assassination of JFK plays a part in the movie, or if they are just capitalizing on the attention that the assassination has been receiving lately.  Regardless, is worth the visit.

On another note, the new Marian Scorsese’s movie Wolf of Wall Street is going to run 2 hours and 59 minutes. Normally I would suggest that the long run time of this movie would hinder its box office performance, but this movie has a lot of Oscar hype and a loaded cast. Wolf of Wall Street stars Leonardo DiCapiro and Matthew McConaughey.  Also this movie comes out on Christmas, which means a lot of people will be off work and will have the free time to go and see the movie. On top of that, this isn’t a so called “blockbuster”, so the studio isn’t going to expect Hunger Games or Marvel numbers.

Thank you all for your support. Below I have posted the X-Men/JFK video and a trailer for Wolf of Wall Street. #StayNerdy

X-Men DOFP :

Wolf of Wall Street :


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