Disney crosses $4 billion at the box office worldwide

Yesterday, Disney broke the $ 4 billion mark at the box office worldwide. This breaks Disney’s all time record for the most money made at the box office for one year. Big ups to Disney on this remarkable achievement. This is also the eighth consecutive year that Disney was the first movie studio to cross the billion dollar mark, which was in July. In August, Mickey Mouse crossed the $2 billion mark, and earlier this month Disney beat it’s old record of 3.791 billion( which was set in 2010).  Carrying the load for Mickey Mouse this year was Marvel. Marvel’s Iron Man 3 grossed over $1 billion world wide, while Thor: The Dark World, has close to $600 million with only being in theaters worldwide a little over a month. Another big player for Disney was Monsters University, the sequel to the critically acclaimed Monster’s INC, who earned $774 million worldwide. The other big player was Disney’s Oz The Great and Powerful which earned $493 million world wide. With the amazing success that Disney has had this year, they still have two big movies coming out. Frozen, which actually came out today ( November 27,2013), has a high critic rating and some experts think this is one of the best films that Disney has put out. Also another movie, with some big time Oscar buzz, Saving Mr.Banks, comes out December 13. For those of you who don’t know, Saving Mr. Banks is about Walt Disney, played by Tom Hanks, trying to get the movie rights to Marry Poppins. It’ll be interesting to see where Disney finishes this year, in terms of box office numbers. Even with all of the hits that Disney has put out this year, there was a major flop called The Lone Ranger. The Lone Ranger bombed at the box office and flopped with the critics, but its awesome to see that Disney can recover from a major miss and break box office records.  Without a doubt, Disney’s 2015 box office take will crush this years. It must be nice to have a stake in Disney’ Pictures for the upcoming few years!

That’s the biggest story today. #StayNerdy

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