The box office battle of 2015

The most anticipated year for movies is only 13 months away! Yes, there are some strong movies coming out in 2014 and some big money makers as well, but it’s nothing compared to the magnitude of the movies that will come out in 2015. In 2015 we will see Man of Steel 2, Avengers 2, Star Wars episode 7, Ted 2, another mission impossible, Finding Dory( sequel to Finding Nemo), Jurassic World,the 13th installment of Friday the 13th, a new Bourne Identity, and a Fantastic Four reboot just to name a few. Without a doubt this is the biggest box office year in movies, especially if you’re a nerd like me that’s into comic books and Star Wars. With a million questions surrounding all of these movies, since there is hardly any information out there about these movies, I think the one that we can answer with 100% accuracy. Who will win the 2015 box office war? The answer is Mickey Mouse. Yes Disney will take home the crown. Don’t believe me? Without any argument, the three biggest movies of the year will be Avengers 2, Man of Steel 2, and Star Wars. Out of the big three, Disney owns 2 of them. Also on top of that Disney will also be putting out Ant-Man and Finding Dory, both will easily make back their budget and then some. Without a doubt this 2015 will be an awesome year in movies and a big part of it is due to Disney, so I would like to take out the time to thank Disney for this extraordinary year they are putting together for us movie lovers! Now, with answering the most obvious question in the paragraph above, lets try and answer a more obscure question, which movie will reign supreme in 2015? Now the best thing about film is that it is subjective, so with that being said I think Star Wars will be the biggest box office hit! Why? Simply because it is being released in middle to late December. This is prime real estate for movies to be released because kids are out of school and a lot of parents are off work. Also as of now, there isn’t any competition with Star Wars at the box office during the holiday season (unlike Avengers 2 and Man of Steel 2 who have to battle other top notch properties in the summer season). You’ve heard my opinion, now lets hear yours! Who do you guys think will reign supreme at the box office in

As always, #StayNerdy


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