The Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer and what it tells + Fast 7 note

Today, Sony released the official trailer for the highly anticipated summer blockbuster The Amazing Spider-Man 2! The official trailer certainly did not disappoint, and it also reveals the direction of the franchise. We know from Sony that they plan on using the Sinister 6 in the franchise. For those who do not know what the Sinister 6 is, the Sinister 6 is a group of 6 spidy villains that are set out to destroy Spider-Man. Just like the Avengers, there are a million characters that are in the Sinister 6, but this trailer reveals five of them. We already know that Rhino, The Green Goblin, and Electro  were going to be in the movie, and the trailer reveals two more villains. As the trailer shows them walking through Oscorp, we see Dr.Octopus’s arms and The Vulture’s wings. Now the million dollar question is who is the sixth villain? If I was a betting man I would bet Venom would be the sixth villain, since Sony wants to have spin-offs and Venom would be the most popular, profitable, and best one to kick off the spin-offs. Before this trailer came out, people were concerned that there were too many villains and that the film would get too confusing, like in Spider-Man 3, but this trailer shows that all three villains have a cohesive plot. The last thing worth noting is that Harry Osborn, Dane DeHaan, is the Green Goblin, and most likely is the only Green Goblin. Staying consistent with the first Amazing Spider-Man, it seems that  Norman Osborn is dying and couldn’t be the Green Goblin.

On another note, Universal has halted the production of Fast 7.  At this time they do not know where they are going with the movie. Starting over from scratch has been talked about by Universal. However, that probably won’t happen since Universal has already invested millions upon millions in the movie already. Also Paul Walker put his heart and soul into this franchise, and Universal should honor Paul Walker by showing his last scenes that he filmed.


6 thoughts on “The Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer and what it tells + Fast 7 note

      1. You do not want those as throw-ins do you?! The Sinister Six is garbage for toy sales. Venom and Carnage deserve their own films, but good, violent ones, not this garbage to sell toys. BLARG! Where’s The Prowler? He never shows up, lol

      2. I think the Sinister 6 would be a good place to reboot the Venom character and then from there give him a spin-off and introduce Carnage in the spin-off then have him and spider man team up to face Carnage, and I would love a violent movie with Venom and Carnage, but I doubt Sony would ever do that. And Spider-Man has so many people in his universe, they need to start getting to a scorpion or a shocker

      3. Scorpion, yes! Shocker + Electro is a little too much for me though. Venom doesn’t mix well with these more classic characters, but one of his incarnations would be fun. Do you want a full fledge of the symbiotes showing up? Hopefully, Spidey can transform into a spider form so that the X-Men have to help him. If nothing else, Sony could swing that. Spidey with an X badge would be cool.

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