A new Indiana Jones movie coming?

Even since Disney purchased Lucasfilm, for just north of $4 billion dollars, we have heard nothing but news of StarWars. This leaving many people curious about the fate of Lucasfilm’s other franchise, Indiana Jones. Well, Disney broke their silence yesterday. Yesterday Disney and Paramount agreed on a marketing and distribution agreement. Disney retains their ownership rights to the franchise, which they got when they purchased Lucasfilm, and Disney also gets marketing and distribution rights for future films. Paramount, who distributed the first four films, will continue to distribute the first four movies and they also will receive a financial participation on any future films that are produced and released. The last time that there were rumblings about Indiana Jones, was when George Lucas said that they had a story in place for Indiana Jones back in 2011. This all but confirms that Disney will bring Dr. Jones back to the big screen at some point and time, now the big question is when? That is yet to be confirmed, but speculation will be whenever Disney is wrapping up this first wave of StarWars movies.The reason I give this timeline for a new Indiana Jones movie is because Disney is already working over capacity as it is. For the foreseeable future, Disney will be making Marvel and StarWars movies, along with the other animated films that they do, and that just scratches the surface. Also the next big question is who will play Indiana Jones? Who knows. In my opinion, they will reboot the franchise and continue on without Harrison Ford, no matter how impossible it may seem to fans of the franchise.

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