Frozen cools down Catching Fire plus a box office note

Here are your top five movies from the weekend December 6th-8th

1. “Frozen” — $31.7 million

2. “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” — $26 million

3. “Out of the Furnace” — $5.3 million

4. “Thor: The Dark World” — $4.7 million

5. “Delivery Man” — $3.8 million

For the first time since it has came out The Hunger Games: Catching Fire did not snagged the number one spot. The number one spot went to Disney’s Frozen. Frozen has now grossed $134 million dollars, and it is well on its way to being the highest grossing animated film in Disney history. The Hunger Games is now at $673 million worldwide, which is good enough to be the fifth highest grossing film of the year. In third place was Out of the Furnace, the lone new release this weekend, that stars Christian Bale opened up to a disappointing $5.3 million. Many thought that it would do better with all of the star power this movie has, and all of the critical acclaim that is attached to this movie. Also its disappointing for Out of the Furnace because next week it has to go against, not only Frozen and Catching Fire, but also the new Hobbit movie. So it looks to be that this movie isn’t going to have a very successful run at the box office. On a side note, I saw Out of the Furnace on Friday, and I thought it was an excellent movie, so if you can’t see the Hobbit this weekend, I would recommend Out of the Furnace. Rounding out the top five is Thor: The Dark World and Delivery Man. The new Thor movie is at $610 worldwide and is good for eighth highest grossing movie of the year. I wouldn’t expect much more from Thor 2 in terms of numbers, especially when the Hobbit opens up this weekend. Delivery Man has now grossed about $24 million and it looks like it will past its production budget of $26 million dollars. However, just because a movie crosses its production budget, does not mean it breaks even. About a third of what a movie grosses goes back to the theaters.
Bold Prediction for this coming weekend:The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug will crush everybody at the box office

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