Venom and Sinister Six movies planned

It was announced by Sony the other day that they plan to expand on their Spider-Man cinematic universe. Sony plans on releasing a Venom standalone film and also a Sinister Six film. This confirms the earlier rumors about Sony making spin-offs. Also it makes sense for Sony to develop their top franchise more in depth and milk out all of the money they can.  It is interesting how they are going about it. Never before has a studio made standalone “Bad Guy” movies. This could be a big time game changer in the type of comic book movies we get. If these two movies do really good, I would not be shocked if other comic book movie producing studios followed Sony’s lead. However, this may also fall flat on its face. Of course a Venom movie will certainly draw big numbers, since he is one of the most popular characters in the whole comic book universe, but a Sinister Six without Spider-Man? That one seems a little out there for me because you will nothing but bad guys in a movie, that average movie goers know nothing about. However, I am rooting for these movies to be awesome. Firstly because I have been waiting for an awesome Venom my whole life, and secondly because we will get to see more villain movies from other studios.


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