Who will play Ant-Man?

For weeks speculation has been running rampant that Paul Rudd will be the one to play Ant-Man in the first movie of Marvel’s Phase 3. Marvel confirmed yesterday that the rumors are true and that Paul Rudd will in fact play Ant-Man. This may be an odd choice for many people, and it was for me at first as well. However, as I started to actually think about it, it actually makes good sense. Paul Rudd will bring a comedic element to Ant-Man, in the same way if not better than Robert Downey Jr. brings to Tony Stark. Paul Rudd is a very funny and awkward actor that can bring Ant-Man to life. Aside from Paul Rudd being Ant-Man and Edgar Wright directing the movie, there is nothing know about the script. More importantly it is not known rather or not Ant-Man is Hank Pym or Scott Long. Honestly, there’s no telling what Marvel has planned for Ant-Man, especially since they took away his greatest creation, Ultron, and are going to credit Tony Stark with creating the super-powered A.I, or at least that’s what they’ve said.


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