The Nerdy Economist’s top surprises of 2013

Merry Christmas Eve to everyone out there or Christmas Day depending on where you are reading this from! Today I will break down my top surprises of 2013! Most of this is will be film, however, there will one surprise from the music world. With that being said, lets get down to the list.

5) Tom Hanks/Colin Farrell in Saving Mr. Banks– One of the biggest movies that I have been looking forward to in 2013 was Saving Mr. Banks.  I knew Emma Thompson would be money, because she always is.  What I was concerned about was Tom Hanks as the iconic Walt Disney, and boy did he deliver.  He brought Walt Disney to life. Simply amazing performance from Tom Hanks, heck even Oscar worthy. From the moment we first meet Walt Disney in the movie, goosebumps start to hit, and throughout the rest of the film Tom Hanks was on top of his game.  Also, Colin Farrell was phenomenal as  P.L. Travers dad. He really bought his character to life as well, and he showed us why P.L Travers wasn’t going to give up the rights to Marry Poppins so easily.

4) Bon Jovi’s Top Grossing Tour of 2013- Normally I wouldn’t be surprise at this, but this tour was different from the rest of Bon Jovi’s previous tours.  They were missing someone just iconic as Jon himself, Richie Sambora. Richie is the lead guitarist, and the co-writers to all of the band’s iconic hits.  It’s amazing that Bon Jovi was able to travel the world with 90 shows and 90 sellouts, at the age of 51, all while missing a big piece of the band.

3) Iron Man 3- There are a few things that surprise me about Iron Man 3.  The first one is that I thought it was by far the best Iron Man film in the trilogy. I really enjoyed it and had a blast watching this movie. The second surprise I had about this movie is that nobody else shared the same sentiment that I did. The general consensus, among movie and comic book fans, was that this movie fell flat. Many people were upset with the treatment of the Mandarin,  but I actually thought that it was a clever move and it kept the movie magic free and grounded in reality. The last thing that surprise me was that Iron Man 3 made $1.2 billion dollars worldwide.  That one movie made Robert Downey Jr. the second highest grossing actor of 2013.  It’s remarkable how far RDJ has come and has changed his life and his career since the first Iron Man movie.

2) The Rock Can Act– I know he is the highest grossing actor of 2013, but two movies showed that Dwayne Johnson can actually act. Snitch and Pain and Gain. Dwayne Johnson killed it in Snitch. That has to be his best acting job to date. He really made people feel sorry for not only his character, but also his son and mother.  He literally saved the movie. Without him in Snitch and the performance that he gave, the movie would have sucked. Well maybe not, but it would’ve taken a performance of a lifetime to match what Dwayne did.  Also, in Pain and Gain, he steals the screen every time he’s on it, sorry Marky Mark.  He combined his unmatched charisma  and his acting ability combined with his hilarious humor  to give a solid performance.

1) Now You See Me– I had no hope for this movie at all. Heck, I can’t even stand some of the people that star in this movie, but boy did I love it.  This went from not being seen, to one of my top movies of the year. It was overall the most fun time I had watching a movie this year. I was hooked from start to beginning and I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen, and I loved the twist at the end. I highly recommend this movie to anybody who hasn’t seen it.


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