Most Anticipated Movies of 2014!


2014 , without a doubt, is a loaded year for movies. Sadly, many people are looking forward to the mega year of 2015, and rightfully so. However, 2014 shouldn’t be overlooked. Here are some of my most anticipated movies for the current year!

Just missed the top 5:
Captain America: The Winter Solider Maleficent

5) Guardians of the Galaxy- if you would’ve asked me what movie I’m looking forward to see the most in 2014, before I saw Thor: The Dark World, I would’ve said Guardians of the Galaxy. Unfortunately , I saw the end credit scene and I completely got down on this movie. Now, I have no idea if the end credit scene to Thor 2 is indicative to how this movie will look, but my guess is that it shows us how they are going to treat Guardians. However, despite what I think it may look like, I’m still looking forward to this movie. I’m glad Marvel rolled the dice and put lesser known characters on the screen, even with some of the “A players” they still have on the shelf. So obviously if Marvel has faith in this project, we should too. They’ve earned at least that much.

4) Godzilla– I wasn’t hyped on this movie at all until I saw the trailer. However, when I saw the trailer I was completely sold. We still don’t know much about the movie but at least we can bank on seeing more than just Godzilla’s foot. On top of that Legendary Pictures knows that having a solid franchise means nothing less than being in the black at the end of the day( profits), so I have faith they want to do this film right and reap the massive profits from everything from the film itself to pay tv rights and merchandising.

3) Lone Survivor– this is one of the first movies to come out this year and it’s one of the only books I’ve ever read to come out in wide release. Going off the book, I’m super stoked about this film. I thought the book was nothing short of amazing, considering the main character jumped off a mountain… Multiple times! Also, throwing in Marky Mark in the movie, count me in!

2) Amazing Spider-Man 2- I enjoyed the first Amazing Spider-Man more than the first ever Spider-Man movie. Also, Jamie Foxx as Electro looks amazing. The main selling point for me, however, is the chance of seeing Venom either in the movie or post credits. We know a Venom movie is coming and no better way to introduce him then to have him appear, if done a billion times better than Spider-Man 3. Also, another big selling point is to see where they go with the Sinister Six story.

1) X-Men Days of Future Past– hands down best trailer I’ve seen in a whole. Also throwing in the JFK assassination with their market efforts has got me super ecstatic! Along with JFK, we have the original X-Men with the First Class X-Men mashing together for one heck of a ride. To top that, you have Hugh Jackman, in perhaps his last appearance of Wolverine. The biggest selling point, for me, is the next X-Men movie with Apocalypse in it! Hopefully, they will show Apocalypse at some point, or even reference him.


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