Bugs Bunny Beats Mickey Mouse in 2013

*Warner Brothers announced that they got a staggering $5.035 billion at the box office this past year( however, they will not receive that entire sum, probably around 30-60 % depending on the contracts that they made with the theaters and such) That’s good enough for the highest out of all the studios, for this record breaking year.  Man of Steel, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smug, and Gravity led the way for Warner Brothers. This is their best year ever, and it is the second time that they have crossed the $4 billion mark. They reclaim the number one spot from Sony, who overthrew Paramount in 2011.

Coming in second place was Disney with $4.73 billion, up from 2012’s mark of $3.6 billion. This was also Disney best year ever, at the box office. Disney did this with only ten releases compared to Warner Brothers nineteen releases this year. It’s interesting to note that almost 25% of this total came from one movie alone, Iron Man 3 which was the only movie to cross the billion dollar mark this year.  Also leading the charge for The Mouse were Monster’s University, Thor: The Dark World, and Frozen.  Despite the major success of Disney films this year, there was one bomb ,however, called The Lone Ranger, which cost the studio $190 million.

In third place in 2013 was Universal Studios, who bought in $3.67 billion in ticket sales at the box office. Last year, they only made $3.13 billion. Leading the charge for Universal was Despicable Me 2 ( Second highest grossing film of the year) and Fast 6.

*All of these numbers reported are in terms of ticket sales for the studios. The Studios will get less than half of the amount reported, depending on what type of deals the studios have made with the movie theaters and several other institutions such as investment banks.

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