Why I do not want Batman in a Justice League movie

The biggest movie that I dread is the upcoming Justice League movie. There are many minor reason why I do not want this movie to happen, but there is one big reason why I desperately do not want to see it. That reason is Batman. Now before people get upset and call me a Marvel fanboy, Batman is my favorite character in all of media. With that being said, I do not want to see batman look like a worthless goof ball, and yes a Justice League movie would do just that. Here are my following reasons why I do not want Batman in a Justice League:

Batman is HUMAN-  Batman being human is why he connects with an audience better than any other superhero there is. Sadly, it would be his greatest weakness in a live action Justice league movie. Out of everybody in the Justice League, Batman is the only one that isn’t a God or doesn’t have superpowers, unless you count being super rich as a superpower.  Why does this become problematic for Batman? Because reason would dictate that the villain in this movie would also be a god like person with superpowers, and do I really want to Justice League members flying around at high speeds and see Batman just strolling along in the bat plane? No thank you. Do I want to see Batman be the world’s greatest detective and fight useless henchmen and not take part in the main battle with the main bad guy? No not really, and outside of comic book fans( a very small percent of moviegoers), the average movie fan( Larger percent and not comic book nerd) would not want to see that either. Batman doesn’t belong in a universe with super powered individuals, the sole reason why everybody loved the Nolan Batman. Being in this world just diminishes Batman and makes him seem useless. Heck, this could ruin Batman on the big screen for a lot of people, including myself.

Just because it works in the comics and cartoons does not mean it will work in real life-  The greatest argument to my claim of Batman not working in a live action JL movie is that it works in the comics and cartoons. I hate to break it to you, but just because something works in the comics and cartoon world doesn’t mean it will work in the live action world. There are a whole different set of rules, and it has to be more grounded in reality in the live action world. And do I really want to see Batman look as stupid as he did during Justice League Doom fight scenes?

Man of Steel 2 is a different story- I’ll go ahead and throw in the obvious, if Batman and Superman really fought, Batman would get demolish in a heartbeat. However, Man of Steel 2 offers more of a realistic story, well as realistic as you can get with an alien/God going against a human. Physically, Batman can’t touch Superman. However, we all know of this substance called Kryptonite  that neutralizes Superman, and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Batman will indeed have a suit or something made out of Kryptonite left behind by Zod. With that being said, Batman will level the playing field and it’s somewhat believable on this level. However, it is not believable on a Justice League level with a million more characters that are God’s with superpowers. One on one I can buy it, but when you have the rest of the Justice League thrown in with probably multiple alien/God like villains, I can’t buy it.

I will admit that they can make this happen and make it believable. However, DC track record isn’t that so great, and Christopher Nolan isn’t directing the movie, so I am not too optimistic about the movie. I just do not want my favorite character to be ruined.

Well I am sure I just pissed off a lot of people, but hey film is subjective. Please feel free to leave your comments. However, I do ask that you be respectful. As always #StayNerdy 

8 thoughts on “Why I do not want Batman in a Justice League movie

  1. Nicely written! First, you’re right about Batman being human. He wouldn’t fit in a movie filled with gods. He’d die as soon as someone threw the first lightning bolt. Second, yes, silly to even discuss the possibility of it working in live action because it worked in the comics. Good point. Third, Superman would will with one punch. Game over!

  2. You have no faith in his mind it is after all what makes him win in the end batman knows how to retreat from a fight only to come back with some new plan our gadget that gives him a chance or even an edge up unlike the gods or super beings he has resources they do not even consider because their egos prevent it.
    He will also do things they cannot or will not do.
    I think he would shine the most just for those reasons.
    I guess we will just have to wait and see
    I really hope they do it right

    1. I get what you’re saying, but I want my Batman to be in the forefront of the action, and taking on the main threat head on and not pushed back to the side. I hope whatever they do, they do it right

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