The Impact of WrestleMania

Without a doubt, one of the biggest,annual events a city can host is WrestleMania. Regardless of your opinion on professional wrestling, the WWE( World Wrestling Entertainment) draws millions of fans to various events throughout the year. WrestleMania, WWE’s SuperBowl, not only draws hundred of thousands of people, but it also has a huge economic impact on the host city. What started 30 years ago as a one night celebration of wrestling, has turned into a week long affair.The events of the week are a four day WrestleMania Access, a golf tournament, several charity events and parties, WWE’s annual Hall of Fame induction ceremony, WrestleMania, and their weekly Monday night show Raw. As you can see WWE has a lot to offer to entice fans who are going to the big event to stay the whole week. Last year, WrestleMania was held in MetLife Stadium in New Jersey and according to the New Jersey governor, Chris Christie, WrestleMania generated over $101 million dollars for the host city. That’s the equivalent of adding 943 full time jobs, with 46% of the people attending the event being from the area. Also the WrestleMania before that was held in  Miami and drew over $100 million dollars as well. 

Even though the last two WrestleManias( New Jersey and Miami) did draw over $100 million dollars, New Orleans shouldn’t expect that kind of impact. New Orleans doesn’t have the amount of people that the New York/New Jersey area and Maim-Dade county have. Even though New Orleans has a lot to offer, they can’t match up with the previous two cities. Another reason why these two WrestleMainas did so well is because of the involvement of The Rock. Now many wrestling fans will argue that The Rock doesn’t have that big of an impact, but I bet the people behind G.I. Joe and the Fast and Furious will say otherwise. In fact, the two Fast and Furious movies that Dwayne Johnson has been in have grossed over 600 million worldwide.  As of now, The Rock isn’t booked to preform, and if he was WWE would have been marketing it big time to capitalize on his ability to draw casual fans. In 2011 WrestleMania was held in Atlanta and it pumped $61.2 million into the economy. Now The Rock was involved, but fans only found out weeks before the event. so WWE didn’t have time to market him effectively. In 2010, Glendale,AZ only got $45 million dollars in their economy. In 2009, the event was in Houston, TX and generated around $50 million to the economy. 2009 and 2010, The Rock was not with the company. Also all of the previous cities that I have mentioned are bigger than New Orleans.  So what should New Orleans expect their economic impact should be? A good estimate, $60-$80 million dollars.

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