What Pirating Can’t Accomplish

In part one of the true value of going to a movie theater, we explored the economical  benefit and bargain that going to a movie theater offers, relative to other forms of entertainment. In part two of my series of the true value of a movie theater I will look at the intangibles that you can’t with substitutes to going to the local movie theater.

The most obvious and cheap substitute of seeing a new movie is to get a bootleg copy, also known as pirating.  Lets face it, the quality of a bootleg movie doesn’t come close to the exceptional quality of movie shown at the movie theater. So,  are you really going to invite a date over to watch a shafty version of a movie in theaters on your laptop? Of course not! You are technically savvy enough to buy a HDMI cable and hook up your laptop to your mom’s 60 inch TV. However, despite running a HDMI cable, you still can’t fix the movement of the camera man’s camera and the background noise and the zoomed picture.   Another advantage that actually going to a movie theater has over any substitute is the atmosphere. Bar none, the best way to see a movie is in a movie theater, with superior audio and video quality, and in a crowd full of people that share a variety of emotions experienced during a film. For example, one of the coolest experiences somebody can experience, while watching a movie, is seeing a beloved franchise during an opening night, midnight showing. The atmosphere is amazing, especially when the protagonist overcomes dire obstacles, such as Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight Rises, and everybody in the audience is rooting and cheering for the protagonist.

So despite having many substitutes at little to no cost, movie theaters are the best outlet to see movies. Not only do you get amazing quality and big screen, but you also get an atmosphere that is on par with the atmosphere of a Bon Jovi concert, a major college football game, or even a live WWE event. #StayNerdy




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