How did Best Picture Oscar Nommines do at the box office?

With award season in full swing, I thought what better to do than see how all of the nominees in each category, for the Oscars, did at the box office. It’s an amazing way o combine movie awards and Economics! So today we will look at the nominees for “Best Picture” box office success.It is interesting to note that Warner Brothers made up 40.25% of the ticket sales, and that the highest grossing film ( Gravity)is seventh highest grossing film of the year. As you can see, Oscar nomanited movies generally do not gross as much as fun, blockbuster movies such as Iron Man 3 ( $1.2 billion)

Gravity Warner Bros. $258,621,000
American Hustle Sony / Columbia $117,331,000
Captain Phillips Sony / Columbia $105,743,000
The Wolf of Wall Street Paramount $91,077,000
12 Years a Slave Fox Searchlight $40,944,000
Philomena Weinstein Company $24,280,000
Dallas Buyers Club Focus Features $18,004,000
Her (2013) Warner Bros. $15,711,000
Nebraska Paramount $9,835,000
Total Gross: $681,546,000
*Average Gross: $75,727,333
Information came from Box Office


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