Is a Wonder Woman Solo Film on the way?

Yesterday, Wonder Woman herself, Gal Gadot, divulged some of her contract information. What Gal Gadot revealed was that she was signed on for three films, to play the Amazonian Princess.  Variety is now reporting that the three films she signed for were the recently pushed back Batman V Superman, the long awaited Justice League movie, and a Wonder Woman standalone film. Obviously, with locking Gal Gadot up for three films,  Warner Brothers has seen something in her that nobody else has, and I mean nobody else.  However, just because she has signed on, doesn’t mean that she is guaranteed these three films.  If Warner Brothers finds her as detrimental to the projects then they have the legal right to pick up a new actress, and throw out all continuity these films wanted to established.  Well certainly get more insight to what kind of Wonder Woman Warner Brothers is going to give us in the coming months and years. Batman V Superman is schedule to start shooting in Michigan later this year.


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