Quentin Tarantino Strikes Back

As many of you know by now, Quentin Tarantino has scrapped all plans for his upcoming spaghetti western ” The Hateful Eight” when one of his trusted friends leaked the scrip.  Now it Tarantino is moving forward with a lawsuit against Gawker Media for over $1 million dollars for leaking his script. The suit also names nine anonymous defendants that were allegedly involved in posting the script online or directing people to it.In addition to at least $1 million of damages from defendants’ alleged profits, the lawsuit seeks statutory, punitive and exemplary damages to be determined in court, as well as an injunction preventing them from posting or pointing readers to  “The Hateful Eight” script.

For those wrestling fans out there, this is the same site that linked Hulk Hogan’s sex tape, and a judge recently ruled in favor of Gawker Media. However, I feel that Tarantino has a better case than Hogan had, but I still do not think anything will come of the lawsuit. Gawker Media didn’t necessarily published the unproduced script, but they merely provided links to it. Regardless of what happens, we as movie fans lose, with us not getting another Quentin Tarantino western.


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