Will Smith not returning for Independence Day 2

Independence Day 2 was holding out hope last fall that Will Smith, Captain Steven Hiller would return to the franchise that jump started his acting career.  According to Deadline Emmerich, the director,  and co-writer and producer Dean Devil will battle the aliens without Smith, as he has informed 20th Century Fox he won’t be joining the sequel, which is set  for a July 1, 2016 release. That date marks the 20th anniversary of the 1996 original, which grossed $817.4 million worldwide. Just because Smith is MIA  doesn’t mean the movie won’t be made, however. Emmerich and Devlin wrote two different versions of the movie , one with Smith and one without him. James Vanderbilt has since been working on the two separate scripts.

The only thing I really take away from this is that they didn’t have a part one of Will Smith’s kids. Will Smith is a talented actor, but he has done nothing but put out bad movies as of late, while trying to incorporate his own kids into his movies, and frankly they aren’t good actors. It’s sad to see Will Smith not be apart of the movie, since the everybody else is returning, but in Hollywood life goes on. I don’t think not having Smith will put a dent into the box office take, since Will Smith isn’t entirely relevant today. Honestly, this was a situation where Will Smith needed Independence Day 2 more than Independence Day 2 needed Will smith. This would have been a great way to revive his career.


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