My Top 5 Songs From Movies

One of the most important things to a movie is its music. Take the first Halloween movie for example. If it wasn’t for the awesome music made by John Carpenter, then the movie would not have been as scary, and awesome as it was. Music also plays a big part in how you receive a movie. It could be a horrible movie, but for some unexplainable reason you love the music and the movie becomes one of your favorites. There’s no doubt that music is important to movies, and here are my top five songs from movies:

5. “The Raiders March” or most commonly know as the  Indiana Jones theme song- This is one of the more iconic songs in history. When you hear it, you instantly know where it’s from. Without this song, Indiana Jones wouldn’t be as memorable as it is to me. This theme song sets up the whole entire franchise, in my opipion

4. “The Imperial March” – There’s no denying this is probably the most recognizable song in the history of music. When you hear this song, you know where it is from, and who this song is for, Darth Vader. This song instantly grabs my attention and spikes a wide range of emotion from excitement because Darth Vader is on screen, and fear because Darth Vader is on screen. Safe to say, when this song is being played in the movie, something good is going to happen.

3. “Blaze of Glory“- This song is by Bon Jovi and it goes to the soundtrack of Young Guns II. Now, this song isn’t as wide spread as “The Indian Jones theme” or “The Imperial March”, but this song made western movies cool again. Without “Blaze of Glory” , to me, Young Guns II would have fallen completely flat.

2. “The Back to the Future Theme“- Much like ” The Raider’s March” and ” The Imperial March”, the theme song to Back to the Future is iconic. Most people can point out where the song is from if they were to hear it. For me, this song did not make the movie. However, this song just spikes happiness in me and whenever I hear it I get a grin from ear to ear and goosebumps. 

1. “Halloween Theme“- As I said earlier, without this creepy music being played, Halloween would have fallen completely flat. There’s no denying this song is creepy and scary, and that why it has gotten my number one spot on the list. This song complete embodies the slasher genre, and it’s a simple song. Anyone with access to a keyboard can play this song. You do not need an orchestra, like the previous movies I mentioned had. To me, its simplicity and creepiness is what makes this my favorite song from a movie.  


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