My Top 5 matches to watch on the WWE Network

Here are my top five matches to watch on the WWE Network. I will say that the crowds and matches during the Attitude Era are way better than crowds and matches are today, anyway here is the list:

5) The Elimination Chamber Match from SummerSlam 2003- This was the second ever Elimination Chamber Match featuring Triple H as champion, Randy Orton, Shawn Micheals, Kevin Nash, Chris Jericho, and Goldberg. This wasn’t a great match, but if you want to see arguably the most dominant performance by an individual, Goldberg, then this match is for you. Sorry no more spoilers.

4)Hell in a Cell from No Way Out 2000- This match pits Triple H as champion vs Cactus Jack, who had his career on the line. Lets just say this one has a lot of  Cactus Jack “spots”, defiantly one of the more memorable matches in history, with a great call from the announce team, JR and The King. What could be worse than a burning 2×4 with barbwire?

3)Traditional Survivor Series Match 2001- This match put team WCW vs. Team WWF with the WWF on the line. I will admit that team WCW was lacking real WCW talent, but it was a good match filled with emotion and triumph.

2) Triple H vs The Rock from Judgement Day 2001- This was a 60 minute Iron Man match for the WWF championship that involved a lot emotion and a memorable return. By far one of Triple H’s and The Rock’s best match ever.

1) The Armageddon Hell in a Cell-  BY FAR THE MOST BRUTAL MATCH IN THE HISTORY OF THE WWF/WWE. This match had The undertake, Triple H, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Rikishi, and Kurt Angle going at it in a Hell in a Cell match. This match was awesome from start to finish. If you only watch one old match on the network, let this be it. You’re Welcome



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