Why film in Georgia?

What does The Walking Dead, Remember the Titans, and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire all have in common? They were all filmed in the Peach State, Georgia.

The great state of Georgia offers many incentives, and from your Economics 101 class, you know that rational people and firms responds to incentives, and Georgia offers some of the best incentives in the entertainment industry, by way of The Georgia Entertainment Industry Investment Act. “The Georgia Entertainment Industry Investment Act grants an income tax credit of up to 30 percent to a qualified production. as well as offering an across the board flat tax credit of 20% on productions that investment at bare minimum of $500,000, in movie terms that not even a basis point of a summer blockbuster’s production budget. Also projects can receive an additional 10% tax credit for including the Georgia Film logo at the end of the credits and with a link to Georgia Films on their promotional websites. With all of the tax benefits its a no brainier movies and TV shows shoot in the peach state.

To go along with the amazing tax incentives, Georgia is also the  biggest state east of the Mississippi River. The peach state offers a range of shooting locations, from big cities such as Atlanta, to scenic and beautiful rivers and country side to historic and amazing small towns to the cost on the Atlantic Ocean. Just about any type of shot you need in a film, Georgia offers it.

For more information about filming in Georgia, you can visit http://www.georgiaproduction.org/georgia-film-incentives/


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