Should the WWE be concerned with the WWE Network Thus Far?

On Monday, the WWE ( World Wrestling Entertainment) launched its most anticipated project to date, the WWE Network. However, since the inception of the WWE Network, it has had many streaming issues across various platforms. Personally I experienced some issues the first two nights with the VOD ( Video On Demand) when I try to fast forward to specific matches, like the first ever TLC match from SummerSlam 2000. However, since then, I have not had very many problems, except with NXT Arrival on Thursday night, and apparently so did everyone else. This was billed as the first in ring show to stream live on the WWE Network, even though the Raw pre- show had some live Superstar matches on it, but the traffic was heavy for NXT Arrival, relative to what it normally is for the live stream. Even though, NXT Arrival was more or less a failure, streaming wise, I do think that people are getting ahead of themselves in paranoia.  Lets face it, the WWE Network was going to have problems when it first launched, for various reasons such as high traffic, high interest, and bugs that need to be worked out. Much like, it will continue to experience problems for the next few weeks. With that said, I have all the faith in the world in WWE to have the live streaming issues fixed by WrestleMania 30. There’s more than enough time to fix it, and come on, you really think WWE would drop the ball on their biggest selling point for people purchasing the WWE Network to begin with? They know what they are doing, just give them time to fix it.


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