The Genuis of a Great Contract in Hollywood

One of the things that most people do not think about in regards to movies are contracts. The power of contracts are not to be underestimated in Hollywood or anywhere else for that matter, just ask Sandra Bullock. Sandra Bullock got paid $20 million dollars up front for her role in Gravity, as well as 15% of what the studio, Warner Brothers, brings in. So far Gravity has made a little over $700 million dollars worldwide and could very well break the $750-$800 million dollar mark. Now, Warner Brothers will not get all of that money, they will get 45-50% of that, the other half of that percentage goes to movie theaters and distributors. With that being said, and  few simple math calculations, Sandra Bullock will break the $70 million dollar mark for this film. Just to make Sandra Bullock’s life even more awesome, the movie Gravity and her performance in Gravity are up for several Oscars on Sunday night, and just to be nominated is a big deal. So win or lose on Oscar night, Sandra Bullock will  be a happy person. Gravity has easily become her most successful movie ever, financially and critically speaking.

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