Batman and Superman Take on Captain America

When Warner Brothers/DC moved back Batman vs. Superman to May 6, 2016, they moved the highly anticipated film to a date already occupied by an unknown Marvel film. We now know that the unknown Marvel film is Captain America 3!

First off, one of these movies will budge. Economically, it is completely stupid to open up a film against something of the magnitude of Batman vs. Superman or a Captain America 3. Conceivably, everybody that sees Batman vs. Superman is lost profits for Captain America 3 and vice versa. I expect one of the major blockbusters to move at least 3-4 weeks away from the other, so they can maximize their profits.

From Marvel/Disney standpoint, Captain America is one of their flagship franchises, which has proven to be a major money maker and a high quality film. Marvel and Disney do have the luxury to move Captain America release date forwards or backwards however long they want, so they can maximize their profits on the film. Also, out of the two mega films, Captain America 3 will probably be the better one, and would also end up winning that weekend’s box office. However, Marvel has already said they weren’t budging off the May 6, 2016 date. Honestly, regardless when Captain America 3 opens, it will make a lot of money, but you don’t want to underperform against your only competition in DC Comics. As it stands now, Marvel is seen as the better of the two companies, in regards to the movie universe, and you don’t want to give DC any momentum.

From DC/Warner Brothers standpoint, they can’t afford to get embarrassed by Marvel. Batman vs. Superman has already been the center of controversy, with questionable casting decisions and not being ready to go into production when they said they would. Sure, outperforming Marvel head to head can give DC a momentum swing, but do they really want to take that risk? Batman vs. Superman is by far the most important film DC/ Warner Brothers will make, and a failed box office run and losing to Marvel will just push back any shared universe plans by a few years. DC has way more riding on this film than Marvel has on Captain America 3, and DC cannot afford to push back the release date again. The only option DC/Warner Brothers really have is to move the date up a few weeks, I say 3-4 weeks.

You can listen to a complete and comprehensive breakdown on the May 6th show down at:


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