The Best Movie Easter Eggs!

Happy Easter everybody! For the special holiday, I thought it would be appropriate for me to list some of my top Easter Eggs that have been dropped in movies:

5. Captain America: The Winter Solider This movie is filled with Easter Eggs, but the one that got me the most was when a SHIELD/ Hydra agent dropped the name… STEPHEN STRANGE! For those of you who do not know, Stephen Strange is Dr. Strange. Hopefully this means that we will be seeing the soccer supreme in the near future. Heck Marvel has movies planned until 2028, so the chances are good!

4. Iron Man and Iron Man 2: In both of these movies we can see a prototype of Captain America’s shield. It is more obvious in Iron Man 2, because Agent Coulson says something about it, and Tony Stark ends up using it to balance a pipe. Here is the shield from Iron Man 1:

3.  Star Trek and Raiders of the Lost Arc: Yes both of these movies have one thing in common, R2D2. R2D2 made it into both JJ Abrams Star Trek movies as well as Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Arc. There have been several other R2D2 Easter Eggs, but these are my favorites. Here is R2D2 in Raiders of the Lost Arc.

2. Batman ( 1989)- Batman is my boy, no question about it. So it only makes sense that I have him in my top five Easter Eggs. When Alexander Knox walks into his office at the beginning of the movie, a sketch of The Batman is handed to him. The signature at the bottom is Bob Kane! The guy who is responsible for creating Batman! 

1. I am Legend. My number one Easter Egg of all time comes in I am Legend. I will admit, I was not a big fan of this movie, but this little Easter Egg sent the whole world into a frenzy. It’s pretty easy to point out.

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