The movies have me intrested in comic books, where do I start?

Do blockbusters such as Captain America: The Winter Solider, The Avengers, Iron Man, The Dark Knight, The Incredible Hulk, X-Men, and Spider-Man have you interested in reading comic books now? For anyone new to the comic book world, finding a place to start reading may be overwhelming, especially if you consider Batman, one of the most popular heroes, has been around since the late 1930’s. In this post I will lay out where to being your comic book journey and even recommend some story arcs.

The first thing you must do, if you’re interested in starting in the comic book world, is where to get comics. You can most visit your local comic book store by doing a simple Google search and finding out where it is, but since we live in a digital age, you could download several comic book apps for your tablets, phones, and computers. The one I would recommend would be Comixology for various reasons. However, some people are just Marvel or DC junkies, so you can just download the respective company’s app. Now, these are not free comics by any means, even though they offer free comics, that most always suck or it’s free comic book day, so this route cost money, but not a lot. However, some people do not want to spend money so you can get the torrents off the internet, I’ll let you guys figure out how to do that one.

Now with the easy question out the way, the more difficult question is where do I start? This is a very broad question, so one must have a particular favorite brand or superhero.

If you love all the Marvel movies and you don’t have a favorite hero, then start with a crossover event such as the Marvel Civil War. This is a hundred something comics, since it is a massive crossover with almost everybody who’s anybody in it, but you don’t need any real comic knowledge to read it. However, there will be some unfamiliar names, if your knowledge is as deep as the movies, but nothing you can’t figure out. There is also the ongoing story arch, Original Sin that you can pick up and start reading today.

If you are a Batman guy, I would recommend, The Dark Knight returns, to get you pumped up for the upcoming Batman Vs Superman movie, The Killing Joke, a graphic novel based around the Joker, or A Death in the Family.

If Amazing Spider-Man 2 has you pumped up, then Marvel just started a new Amazing Spider-Man series, which is only 3 or 4 issues deep at the moment.

X-Men: Days of Future Past has you pumped up then read the post before this one to find out about some good reading material, also The Dark Phoenix Saga is amazing!

If you want  a DC crossover event, you can check out Futures End which is only a few issues deep as well

Hopefully this helps people get started and reading comic books. If there is story arch I missed or I left out your favorite, let me know!


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