In honor of Batman Day…

Today, declared by DC Comics, is Batman Day! This is apart of the year long celebration DC has planned for the Cape Crusader’s 75th birthday! In honor of batman day I decided to list my top batman movies! Feel free to debate!
List of Batman Movies ( favorite – least favorite)
1. The Dark Knight– Arguably the best comic book movie of all time. Enough said
2. Batman Begins– by far, to me, the best origin story of the dark knight. Didn’t over do the death of his parents, even though some might say Bruce Wayne as a person died in the alley with his parents, I totally dug the whole league of shadows and how Batman became Batman aspect of the film, and Batman Begins gave new life to not only Batman but to the DC universe, after Batman and Robin killed it
3. Batman (1989)– awesome performance by Jack as the Joker and this movie showed movie studios that comic book movies can be monetarily successful from ticket sales to consumer products.
4. Batman Returns– I actually liked Denny DiVeto as the Penguin and Michelle Pfeiffer was rocking that leather outfit!
5. The Dark Knight Rises– Horrible ending to a great trilogy. Too many plot holes, film consistency issues, and Bane…
6/7 Batman Forever/ Batman and Robin– I don’t have all day


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