So Just What Genre Movies Are Coming Out In The Next Few Years? Here’s What We Know Pre Comic-con

I think one of the untitled Marvel movies will be Iron Man 4, especially with the finical success of Iron Man 3

This table was compiled by the good folks over at The Beat and shows what we know about the upcoming Marvel, DC, Disney, Pixar, etc. movies beginning with Avengers 2 and moving forward as we head into Comic-con. Of course, there are likely to be a number of changes made and hopefully blanks filled in (especially with those spaces marked “untitled”) over the next few days, but this is where things stand at the moment.

5/1/2015The Avengers: Age of UltronMarvel
6/19/2015The Fantastic FourFox
6/19/2015Inside OutPixar
11/25/2015The Good DinosaurPixar
3/4/2016Untitled Disney AnimationDisney
May 2016Batman v SupermanDCE
5/6/2016Captain America 3Marvel
5/27/2016X-Men: ApocalypseFox
6/17/2016Finding DoryPixar
July 2016ShazamDCE
7/8/2016Doctor StrangeMarvel
11/11/2016Sinister SixSony
11/23/2016Untitled Disney AnimationDisney
Xmas 2016SandmanDCE
3/3/2017Untitled WolverineFox
May 2017

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