Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

Yesterday Warner Brothers and DC announced that they were moving up the release date of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice from May 6, 2016 to late March.

This comes as no surprise as the May 6, 2016 date was also occupied by Captain America 3. Even though I believe that Batman V Superman will double what Captain America 3 will make ( no knock on the franchise but Steve Rogers doesn’t necessarily translate into foreign markets and Batman and Superman are without a doubt the two biggest superheroes so there’s a much larger bank ability on the characters) it is a smart move to move the release date up for a few reasons.
1. You are not maximizing profits if you go head to head with Captain America 3. A simple breakdown, everybody sitting in a theater watching Cap 3 is direct money WB and DC are losing since they both appeal to the same target market
2. Winter Solider was a great movie and the last thing DC and WB want to do is to go head to head with another great Captain America movie and Batman V Superman has the quality of Batman and Robin. Not saying that Batman V Superman will be a bad movie, DC’s track record isn’t that great.
3. This is a strict publicity move. Since the announcement at SDCC13, Batman V Superman has been under scrutiny with less than desirable casting choice (I’m pro Ben Afflack by the way) and the announcement of moving this property back a year from its original 2015 date for whatever reason.
4. Also I can see this a move to help the Time Warner Stock. As everyone knows Fox as withdrawn their $80 billion dollar bid to buy the outstanding shares of Time Warner and the stock price dropped from $85 a share with the bid in play to $72.74 as of now. Even though this is one movie in an entertainment empire, this news should help shareholders feel a little more easy about Time Warner. Is it a coincidence that the day Fox withdrew their bid, we get this announcement on Batman V Superman and the DC universe dates? I think not

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