Top Ten Halloween Movies

Halloween is here! Best time of the year for all of you horror movie fans. Here is a breakdown of my top 10 horror films:

10) Nightmare on Elm Street– Not much of a Freddie fan, but the original Wes Craven flick was way ahead of its time.

9) Friday the 13th part I and II– I am going to cheat on this one and put a two way tie for 9th with the first two Friday the 13th movies. Not much of a Jason fan either, team Myers all the way, but part 1 was a real plot twist with Mrs. Voorhees being the killer and part 2 is the birth of a slasher legend, Jason. Also, Friday the 13th part I may have the most terrifying scene in all of horror movies, with it being the end scene when disfigured Jason jumps out of the water, Yikes!

8) Halloween 3- I know, I know, Micheal Myers isn’t in Halloween 3 and it should not have been called Halloween 3, but John Carpenter and Debra Hill’s last installment in the Halloween franchise was a pretty solid movie, if you can get past the fact that it is in the Halloween franchise, with no Micheal Myers.

7)  Halloween 2– A lot of Halloween fans hate Halloween 2 for the fact that Micheal Myers was reveled to be Laurie Strode’s brother, thus giving him somewhat of a motive that would never go away in the sequential installments in the franchise. However, I personally enjoyed Halloween 2 so it has appeared on my list.

6) The Shining– Classic Stanly Kubrick and Jack Nicholson film. Solid story and overall great movie.

5) Halloween 4- Honestly, I cannot get enough of Micheal Myers, unless Rob Zombie is directing the film.

4) The Blair Witch Project- I am not one for paranormal movies, but The Blair Witch Project was also ahead of its time. One of the first, if not the first of found footage movies to go main stream.

3) Psycho- Need I say more?

2) Scream 1 & 2- By far my second favorite slasher, Ghost Face. You can’t beat Wes Craven’s satirical take on horror movies. You also can’t beat a clumsy killer that calls and screws with you before he kills you.

1) Halloween 1978- Ground breaking. By far, Halloween changed the way we consume horror movies. John Carpenter’s first installment in the fame franchise was by far the best installment. A psychopath that walks around with no apparent reason ( at the time) and kills people and won’t die, do I need to say more? Also, by far the best Michael Myers performance, Nick Castle killed it!


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