Iron-Man in Spider-Man 2017?

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By now everyone knows, Spider-Man is back with Marvel (somewhat). Even though Spider-Man can be in Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, doesn’t mean that Marvel completely has him back. Judging by the language in the Marvel press release, Spider-Man will remain with Sony and Sony will finance and produce Spider-Man standalone films.

With that out the way Spider-Man 2017 may feature Robert Downey Jr. and Iron-man. Speculation is running rampant that Tony Stark will battle Spidy in his upcoming flick, but as of now it is only speculation.

I am, however, against the idea of bringing in Tony Stark into the Spider-Man/Sony universe. Yes with their (Marvel/Disney and Sony) new partnership, Marvel can put it’s characters in Sony produced films, but I do want Iron man to be one of the characters. Tony Stark is already well established, and I feel it is a wasted opportunity for Marvel to introduce, dare I say test out, new characters. I do not see a need to have another RDJ Marvel led film, not named the Avengers. Marvel/Disney should introduce someone new. It’s not like Marvel is running low on characters.

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