Today’s Horror Movies Suck

I’m going to flat out say it, HORROR MOVIES OF THE PAST DECADE, for the most part, ABSOLUTELY SUCK! They were good once upon a time, believe it or not. Back in the day of the Psycho and other Alfred Hitchcock movies ,to the 70’s and 80’s slasher franchises of Halloween, Friday the 13th, and Nightmare on Elm Street, to the 90’s Silence of the Lambs and Wes Craven’s satirical masterpiece of Scream, to the 2000’s remakes and paranormal movies? What happened to good horror movies? Why is every horror movie the exact same? To prove my point, I have seen four horror movies this year: Insidious 3, It Follows, The Gallows, and Unfriended, and they are all, with the exception of It Follows for the most part, exactly the same movie. Honestly, I could not tell a difference between Insidious 3, Gallows and Unfriended, and you can even add the Paranormal Activity movies to this list. Heck, add all of the movies that deal with some type of ghost to this list… With regards to remakes, Rob Zombie’s Halloween. I think that sums up how good all remakes of horror movies have been.

Enough of the ranting, I think I’ve made it clear, not only do I hate today’s horror movies, but they suck. Now the question goes to why are we getting trash on a consistent basis? Simple, they are cheap to make and just enough people see them to where they turn profitable. Basically, the reality of Hollywood is that they, and by they I mean the studios that pay for these movies, are only concerned with making money. Sure an Oscar here or there would be nice, because it’s an effective tool to use for marketing a film to sell, but good ole Oscar doesn’t pay the bills.

So who is to blame? people who mistakenly confuse “jumping”, you know that thing you do when the movie theater gets quite and BOOM! out of nowhere a loud noise happens, with being “scared”, you know when you’re actually petrified. Typically this demographic tends to be teenagers/”young” adults.

Thanks to this fine post, I have now identify why we get trash horror movies, and who to go after when you decide you have had enough of this disgusting trend. **I know film is subjective, and some people might actually find today’s horror movies scary and good. These are opinions and not facts, even though they’re pretty compelling opinions.”

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