Welcome everyone to the webpage of The Nerdy Economist! We are so glad that you have stumbled upon our page! First off feel free to comment on whatever you like! Here you will find various forms of media such as Videos, podcasts, and blog post on various movie news, movie topics, and even a little wrestling talk! To be honest, I’m a total geek so the mass majority of content will focus on Comic Book Movies, Sci-fi, and Horror (who doesn’t love a good slasher flick).

I’m a Finance and Econ double major (hence the name The Nerdy Economist), I’ve worked at one of the top 2 major studios, love long walks on the beach, avid weightlifter, nothing beats a good comic book when it’s raining outside, favorite movie is a toss up between The Dark Knight and Halloween! Want to know anything more about The Nerdy Econ or want me to tackle a certain topic? Feel free to comment on any post, tweet me @TheNerdyEcon, or like me on Facebook Nerd Economist and I will do my best to interact with you amazing people! #StayNerdy


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