And the Oscar goes too…

If I were an Oscar voter, here is what my ballot would look like: Best Picture : Birdman- By far the best acting that I have seen from any film Best Actor in a lead role:¬† Benedict Cumberbatch- I thought he killed, despite the collapse of the movie at the endd. Best Supporting Actor: Edward […]

Back to the Future 2015?!?!

Hello all! The other day, Universal Entertainment tweeted this cryptic photo teasing some Back to the Future news. Many have speculated at what it could mean. As we all know, Marty McFly came to the year 2015, Chicago Cubs fan rejoice, and 2015 happens to be the 30th anniversary of the franchise’s initial film, 80’s […]

Guardians of the Galaxy/Avenger team up

Story: Most of us have been anticipated a Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers eventual team up, however, James Gunn may have shot that down. James Gunn,director of Guardians of the Galaxy, ¬†said that the audience should not expect a link up with the Avengers, and that the creative side of the Guardians wanted little […]

Top Ten Halloween Movies

10) Nightmare on Elm Street- Not much of a Freddie fan, but the original Wes Craven flick was way ahead of its time.

9) Friday the 13th part I and II- I am going to cheat on this one and put a two way tie for 9th with the first two Friday the 13th movies. Not much of a Jason fan either, team Myers all the way, but part 1 was a real plot twist with Mrs. Voorhees being the killer and part 2 is the birth of a slasher legend, Jason. Also, Friday the 13th part I may have the most terrifying scene in all of horror movies, with it being the end scene when disfigured Jason jumps out of the water, Yikes!