Batman and Superman Take on Captain America

When Warner Brothers/DC moved back Batman vs. Superman to May 6, 2016, they moved the highly anticipated film to a date already occupied by an unknown Marvel film. We now know that the unknown Marvel film is Captain America 3! First off, one of these movies will budge. Economically, it is completely stupid to open up […]

Matrix Trilogy Rumor

There have been reports that a new Matrix trilogy is being drawn up by the Wachowskis brothers, the same guys who came up with the first trilogy. Take this as a grain of salt people. This news is coming from a source that nobody really knows, and they are claiming that they have a ” unnamed […]

Will Smith not returning for Independence Day 2

Independence Day 2 was holding out hope last fall that Will Smith, Captain Steven Hiller would return to the franchise that jump started his acting career.  According to Deadline Emmerich, the director,  and co-writer and producer Dean Devil will battle the aliens without Smith, as he has informed 20th Century Fox he won’t be joining the […]

Quentin Tarantino Strikes Back

As many of you know by now, Quentin Tarantino has scrapped all plans for his upcoming spaghetti western ” The Hateful Eight” when one of his trusted friends leaked the scrip.  Now it Tarantino is moving forward with a lawsuit against Gawker Media for over $1 million dollars for leaking his script. The suit also names […]

Is a Wonder Woman Solo Film on the way?

Yesterday, Wonder Woman herself, Gal Gadot, divulged some of her contract information. What Gal Gadot revealed was that she was signed on for three films, to play the Amazonian Princess.  Variety is now reporting that the three films she signed for were the recently pushed back Batman V Superman, the long awaited Justice League movie, and […]

Oscar List, Predictions, and snubs

Today the academy released the Oscar Nominations. Before I list them, I want to take out time to talk about my biggest snubs. By far the biggest snub, for me, was Saving Mr.Banks got no love at all. The movie is nominated for Best Original Score, but I felt Saving Mr. Banks should have got […]

Micheal Douglas is Ant-Man opposite Paul Rudd!

It is now confirmed that Paul Rudd will star as Scott Lang in the upcoming Ant-Man film. It is also now confirmed that Micheal Douglas will play Hank Pym in the upcoming Ant-Man film as well. Marvel Studios President of Production Kevin Feige said the following, “With Hank Pym’s rich history in the Marvel Universe, we knew […]

And the winners are?

Here is the list of movie winners at the Golden Globe Awards. A more in-depth breakdown and Oscar chances for the Golden Globes winner will be on The Nerdy Economist Show.  * Note* Winners are in BOLD BEST MOTION PICTURE – DRAMA 12 Years a Slave (Fox Searchlight Pictures) Captain Phillips (Columbia Pictures) Gravity (Warner […]