Fantastic Four Reboot is Taking Shape

For everybody who is looking forward to the new Fantastic Four reboot, here is some great news for you! Fantastic Four screenwriter Simon Kinberg has says that he has finished his rewrites and casting will be finalize in the coming weeks.  They still do not have a Mr. Fantastic , nvisible Woman, or The Thing, […]

Why film in Louisiana?

  Production Weekly announced yesterday that Fantastic Four, Terminator 4, and Jurassic World would be filming this upcoming year in Louisiana. Naturally, people are curious as to why they aren’t filming in Hollywood or New York. The answer: Money Surprisingly a lot of movies are not made in L.A. or New York. This is because […]

The Nerdy Economist Movie News Show

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2015 blockbusters shooting locations!

If you live in Louisiana, there will be some of the 2015 blockbusters coming to your neighborhood. According to Production Weekly, Fantastic Four is schedule to start shooting in Baton Rouge in late March.  No cast members have been announced yet. Jurassic World is schedule to begin shooting in Louisiana at the beginning of June. […]