The Box Office King of 2015 will be…

Universal is in first place with 25% of the market share, Disney is in second place with 19.7% of the market share. The bad news for Universal is that they have one more major release to go, Minions, however, some may argue Straight Outta Compton but due to its R rating, its audience will be restricted. So why is this bad news? Because Disney has two giants left for the year: Ant Man and Star Wars.

A new Indiana Jones movie coming?

Even since Disney purchased Lucasfilm, for just north of $4 billion dollars, we have heard nothing but news of StarWars. This leaving many people curious about the fate of Lucasfilm’s other franchise, Indiana Jones. Well, Disney broke their silence yesterday. Yesterday Disney and Paramount agreed on a marketing and distribution agreement. Disney retains their ownership […]