Is Jared Leto’s Joker really the Joker?

I do not think it’s any secret that Warner Brothers is going with an older, more veteran Batman, see Ben Afflack casting. With this we are able to draw parallels to Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. A quick breakdown: Batman retired and came back some odd years later. How does this tie in with the theory?

Movies you may not know about

Writer/ Director Jon Schnepp is coming out with an awesome documentary on The Death of Superman Lives called The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened. Check out the link to the trailer below, it’s a pretty awesome trailer! So what is The Death of Superman Lives and why am I talking about a documentary about […]

Batman and Superman Take on Captain America

When Warner Brothers/DC moved back Batman vs. Superman to May 6, 2016, they moved the highly anticipated film to a date already occupied by an unknown Marvel film. We now know that the unknown Marvel film is Captain America 3! First off, one of these movies will budge. Economically, it is completely stupid to open up […]

Box Office Recap (Jan 3-Jan5 2014)

Here are the top five movies from the past weekend: 1. Frozen – $20.7 million 2. Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones — $18.2 million 3. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug – $16.3 million 4. The Wolf of Wall Street — $13.4 million 5. American Hustle – $13.2 million Frozen has surprised many people up […]

Future of DC cinematic universe

I rarely post twice in one day, but I would like to take some time out and talk about the state of DC comics. With that being said, there are no news stories to report and everything I say will be opinionated, so feel free to jump in the comment section and let me know […]

Superman legal issues?

Could Warner Brothers be getting sued over the rights to the Man of Steel himself? Turns out that Warner Brothers has actually been caught up in a 10 year lawsuit with family members of Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel, the guys who created Superman.  Mark Peary, Joe Shuster’s nephew, filed a copyright termination notice in 2003. […]