Guardians of the Galaxy!

Tonight is the night! One of my most anticipated movies of the year comes to a theater near you! Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy! Words can’t describe how pumped up I am for this movie. 2014 has been a great year for comic book movies. We’ve had the incredible Captain America sequel and the heart […]

My Top 10 Comic Book Movies

Here are my top 10 Comic Book Movies of all time! I breakdown the list on my podcast at this link:  10. Man of Steel 9. Thor 2 8. The Amazing Spider-Man 7. Iron Man 3 6. .The Dark Knight Rises 5. The Punisher 4. Batman Begins 3. X-Men/ X-Men 2 2. The Avengers 1. The […]

Most Anticipated Movies of 2014!

2014 , without a doubt, is a loaded year for movies. Sadly, many people are looking forward to the mega year of 2015, and rightfully so. However, 2014 shouldn’t be overlooked. Here are some of my most anticipated movies for the current year! Just missed the top 5: Captain America: The Winter Solider Maleficent 5) […]